Revolt. Refuse. Resist.


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Debut EP - released by Ugly & Proud Records

Cover & Layout editing by xRULEx
Pictures by courtesy of PM Cheung / Sören Kohlhuber
Logo by Steven / Geizneringdesign
Mix & Master by Charles Chaussinand
Speach in Song 2 by Elie Wiesel

All Music and Lyrics by xRESISTANCEx
Recorded in Summer 2019
Dedicated to the antifascist vegan straight edge


released December 1, 2019


all rights reserved




Iggy Edge - Vocals
xRULEx - Guitar / Vocals
xWOLFx - Bass
Kev Edge - Drums

XVX Antifa oldschool HxC by members of bands such as: Almost Equal, Forward To Eden, 4Paws, Final Nail, ...

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Track Name: Resistance
resistance - antifascist
resistance - vegan straight edge

we are the resistance
the ones who fight for freedom
not part of your society,
cause we stand for liberation

tear down the walls - empty the cages
burn all flags - until all are free

with a clear mind we fight against exploitation
cause of our conscience we'll take action
earth, animal, human liberation

resistance - antifascist
resistance - vegan straight edge
Track Name: Remembering Means Fighting
millions died because of ignorance and blindness
following a crazy mind
remember the 9th of november '38
never forget and never forgive

man against man - nation against nation
putting their race over others
religion kills, burning houses
social justice doesn't exist

we won't look away - we'll take action

solidarity is a weapon
solidarity makes us strong
we'll always fight against misery - join the fight

solidarity is our weapon
solidarity makes us strong
we'll always fight against fascism - join the resistance
Track Name: Pretender
resist with the x on my fist
insist for the truth to come swift
wish one day for you to quit
to stop with the bullshit and start to commit

oh, i see you big pretenders
acting tough wannabes of a scene
1 year in, never to be seen again
you had the marks on your hand

you‘re gone now, fitting in at any cost
society has you back, for us no loss
what we do is just a joke to you
to me its all i have, i‘m not laughing

i thought we shared a moment
it turned out you were just a tourist
picking cherries not fit for hard times
cannot count on you, no love lost

Stay away from us - Stay away from me
Track Name: Solution
time is ticking, this world is dying and we are the disease
we are the creature who brings pain, hunger, suffering and death

so many don't see the massacer in this world
can't close my eyes - can't look away
we see them dying in front of us

tortured and burned - mother earth is dying
tortured and burned - rain forest turns to dust
tortured and burned - the blue oceans full with trash
death is the price they have to pay

fuck your morals, fuck your tradition
how can you love one and kill the others
we will always fight till all are free

why kill to eat, why kill to live
the only solution is to stop the suffering

the only solution, vegan straight edge
Track Name: Modern Times
in a world where every step we take is under control,
beaten down in chains they lock us away,
our lives don't matter, but we will not be silent,
we will break out

breaking out - standing strong
we have to survive, we have to use our voice
9 to 5 - modern slavery
to keep us quiet, human dignity ends

greed makes them blind
only a few control us all
only a few have the right
protected by the blue
it destroys every part of compassion

i see the anger - i see the pain
i see the helpless - a dying dream
an army for the rich, an army for religion
but no protection for the weak

i see injustice - no compassion
an army for the industry
greed caused the war

no justice no peace - that's all i se
Track Name: A Light In The Dark
everything shines so bright in this beautiful world,
but we look under the surface and see a storm is rising

dark clouds dark minds rushing by,
like a disease - it spreads the hate increases,
they want to bring us down, they want to tear us apart
darkness threatens the light
darkness is marching they are marching again,
i hear their foot steps cause everyone is silent,
burning torches, burning houses, again and again

the storm awakes
tidal waves carry everything away
those who dont stand up, those who don't speak,
we have to swim against the stream

united we stand, divided we fall
never be silent, will never rest,
we don't build walls, we tear them down,
like a rock in the surf we will stand strong
learned from history - we start to fight,
a revolution for a better world,
no step back, always forward

revolt, refuse, resist

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